Dear Chop Shop Customers,     

Today we received word that we will be allowed to re-open (soon).

Your safety and satisfaction is our #1 priority and we have taken every step to ensure a smooth and secure re-opening. We have created this page with our protocols to serve as a resource for you in hopes you understand the measures that we have taken, and will be taking to protect our customers and staff.

These precautions are temporary changes, and we will revise them as the workplace guidelines change in the coming weeks and months.

Due to these new and unexpected costs of doing business, we must unfortunately raise our prices (slightly). This change is effective immediately. It is the last thing we wanted to do to our community, but was a necessity in order to re-open and conduct business safely and in accordance to local regulations.

Please note, we will expand our military discount to include first responders. We will also offer a free T-Shirts to every customer getting a service, (While supplies last). We have also updated the descriptions and labels of our services to further embrace California’s gender discrimination laws. (please visit our Services page!)       

Also, we are setting appointments on a first come first serve basis. Please see our resource below for more information.

Lastly, we would like to say THANK YOU for your continued patience and support. We are doing everything we can to service our community safely as we take care of you and our larger CHOP SHOP FAMILY moving forward.      


Everyone at The Chop Shop     

When booking your appointment please mention all of the services you would like to get, so that we may schedule enough time to do it for you. Please be on time. Due to the standards we have set, it takes more time between clients to get ready for you, we have a lot to do and we want to make sure that you get exactly what you want in the safest environment we can provide. You may be asked to wait outside before your service, we will provide you with a buzzer to let you know when we are ready for you. 

If you want to be the first on the list to receive a service, please email us at: 

We are setting appointments on a first come first serve basis.

Shampoos will be reserved for color and chemical services, and when performed we will place a towel over your face as a barrier while your barber or stylist is leaning over you. 

We appreciate your understanding and will offer these services regularly as soon as possible.  

Please note that in an effort to prevent the airborne spread of coronavirus, we will not be able to offer blow outs or drying after a shampoo. We will ask you to wash your hair before coming in for your service, and allow our staff to perform a dry cut whenever possible. 

Everyone at the shop is Barbicide Certified. 

Our staff will be using gloves and masks during your service at The Chop Shop.

A new disposable cape will be used for every service. When a standard cape is used, it will be washed immediately and dried until hot to the touch. 

Every night we will be disinfecting the entire shop with a UVC light that is known to kill viruses and is used in hospitals to clean rooms. 

UVC Air Scrubbers will be used 24/7 to consistently clean the air in the shop.

Another cleaning measure to ensure that everything from chairs, money, product, is as clean as it can be. 

Due to recommended guidelines, we will be using a Non-contact thermometer to ensure neither staff or clients have a fever upon entry.

All staff will participate in constant cleaning and disinfecting of the shop.

We will have pagers for you to wait outside or in your car until your Barber/ Stylist is ready for you. We will have seating outside for you as well. We ask to have one parent per child inside the shop and all other company to wait outside. 

Only 4 Stylist or Barbers will be working at a time. This will keep the number of people in the shop to acceptable (CDC) safe levels. 

We are making sure that with smaller shift sizes that all of out staff is given the opportunity to service their clients. We will be open Temporarily from 9AM – 9PM daily.

Only the front door will be open to customers, this is to help keep social distancing standards in place, and you and our staff SAFE!